Energy Bites

So I admit that I have been in and out of this blog thing for awhile now. But I have a good excuse. I turned all the food I was eating into a human! Her name is Violet and she is made of mostly donuts. Life is just a little different now. We are mostly making healthy recipes these days and since it is summer, all we do is grill. There’s not a lot of recipe creation that goes into grilling. But I have been working on creating healthy snacks for breastfeeding moms. I have tweaked my chocolate chip cookie recipe to up the fat and protein content. I am convinced that if I allow myself to eat as many of the “lactation” cookies as I want, my milk supply does get a boost. The cookies are delish and my husband loves them too. And no, he hasn’t started lactating from eating them. (Chocolate chip lactation cookies recipe coming soon.) This energy bite recipe has NO baking required. Let me repeat that… NO baking. You just mix them up, chill it, and roll them into balls.

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