Cream cheese research

There will be many recipes from Bubbly Kitchen that involve cream cheese, specifically cream cheese frosting, and other things like cheesecake brownies (recipe coming soon). I have spent a lot of time reading about the ambient temperature stability of cream cheese frosting. The most logical theory is that if you mix enough confectioners’ sugar with the cream cheese for your frosting, it should be resistant to the growth of bacteria. As are many proposed studies in medicine and baking alike, it seems unethical to test the theories on cream cheese frosting. The only practical way I can think of testing this today is to prepare some frosting, let it sit out, and have my husband eat some of it every 6 hours until he gets sick.


I have, however, found this website which claims you can test your food for safety based upon pH and water activity. They also provide a recipe for cream cheese frosting that has been tested and is deemed safe in Texas. It is apparently too soft for piping so I don’t know what it could really be used for. If this blog ever makes me 35$ I will commit the time to a universal perfect cream cheese frosting recipe, and I will have this tested. To be on the safe side, I must suggest that all recipes with cream cheese be stored in the fridge. Take your cupcakes out of the fridge 30 minutes before serving to bring them room temperature.

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