The Bubbly Kitchen

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” – Mark Twain

Welcome to the Bubbly Kitchen where the end of every recipe includes “just add bubbles.” The wines in this blog will not be exclusively sparkling, all different varieties of wines will be discussed. The purpose of this blog is to share fun and fabulous recipes with perfectly paired wines. Some of the recipes are those which I have created and some that others have shared with us. All of the photography on this blog is taken with an iPhone.

to my husband, Andrew, for fearlessly tasting every bite created in the Bubbly Kitchen.
to Greg Harrington for helping me get this site going and sharing a passion for all things effervescent.

2 thoughts on “The Bubbly Kitchen”

  1. Can you please make vegan/gluten free treats and/or bread?? If you enjoy the chemistry of bread making, you will surely enjoy the challenging puzzle of substitutions one must play to create the perfect vegan/gluten free product. Try it when we venture to the OBX! I have been successful but I have not mastered this art.

    1. Unfortunately the Bubbly Kitchen does not really believe in these voodoo food trends. Bread must be made with gluten! It’s not bread if it does not have gluten bonds. The evil gluten has been sensationalized and eating gluten free is a fad. But it is great that people with real gluten intolerance have so many options now! There are plenty of blogs out there though with gluten free and vegan baking. Bubbly Kitchen does promote fair treatment of animals and uses antibiotic free, hormone free, and free range animal products.

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